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What’s the what?!?

Reviews of Video Games and Movies

Did I make a mistake somewhere? You think I’m a moron? Email me: foshi13@gmail.com

Origin: United States of America

Reviews: I use a numerical one to ten scale when I rate a product. Ten is the highest score I will rate a video game or movie and one will be the lowest score I rate something. A ten doesn’t necessarily mean the product is without flaws instead it will mean that the product is as close to perfect as possible and that it is deserving of the praise despite any minor flaws.

In the past I rated individual parts of the movie or video game such as visuals, sound, or gameplay and then complemented that with an overall score. From now on I will just have the overall score at the end of my review but I will still implement specific sections at the end of the review in bold type to bring focus to notable aspects of the product.

In order to have a true one to ten rating system that uses every number in a different way I have a guideline that I follow that you can see below.


10 = highest recommendation: one of the best of the best, as near perfect as possible, a must see or buy

9 = highly recommended: some minor flaws but still one of the best of the year, a must see or buy

8 = recommended: flaws keep it from going above the norm but well worth the price

7 = cautionary recommendation: noticeable flaws, only worth the price if the subject matter sparks your interest

6 = commended: for what it is it works but it is not a must see or purchase definitely a rental though

5 = risky: many major or minor flaws hamper the product and keep it from being what it could be, cautionary rental

4 = uninspired: nothing distinguishes this product from the pack, flaws are crippling, leave this one on the rental shelves

3 = defective: a broken product, flaws are so blatant that it’s a wonder how it was released

2 = terrible: a money grab vying for the success of a far superior product, no fun to be had here

1 = garbage: need I say more?

When I rate a product I rate it based off of its merits. This is a subjective blog in which all reviews are based off of my personal bias. I know what I like and I know what I do not like so look at the ratings as a road map if you agree with what I write.

Remember my reviews are simply my opinions on the product. If you disagree then comment back and tell me why.


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